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​​​About Me

​​​​​​I have always wanted to be a teacher and since qualifying some 16 years ago, have taught from Foundation- Reception class right through to Upper Key Stage 2- Year 6.

From the beginning of my teaching career, I quickly recognised that growing up and facing new challenges requires a child to have confidence in themselves. Whether starting a new school, joining a new club, taking the 11+ or playing competitive sport for the first time, children face a lot of unchartered territory.  For the majority of children, confidence in their ability is key to helping them achieve their best.

In my experience, as children become more competent, their self-confidence and hence their self-esteem increases massively. Whilst they love to be told that they are doing brilliantly, it is actually through their own personal achievements, both big and small, that children develop this inner confidence.

Every child is different - some love school, others do not (just ask my husband!). The capacity for learning comes naturally to some and yet for others they have to put in maximum effort in order to 'keep up' with their peers. That's reality. However, the most important thing of all is that we recognise that every child has the potential and ability to be the best they can be. The key is finding out how to unlock this potential.

Any parent in the playground will be aware that as your child goes through Key Stage 2, there comes the added pressure of getting your child into the 'right' secondary school. As competition for places increases, many parents feel they do not want to leave this critical part of their child's schooling to chance and this is where Aim High Tuition can help.

Having tutored my own two sons to 11+ success (both Medway and Kent tests), the latest under the new Kent 11+ regime, I decided that I wanted to take a step back from being in the classroom on a daily basis and dedicate my time to Aim High Tuition.

Please contact me to discuss whether Aim High Tuition is right for you and your child and how together we can unlock your child's potential.

Kind Regards