​​​​Aim High Tuition

Which type of tuition is right for my child?

The type of tuition you choose for your child will mainly depend upon the reason you have decided to contact me and tends to fall broadly into one of two categories:

Medway and Kent 11+ Grammar school selection tests.

Children will sit these selection tests within the first few weeks of being in Year 6.  As each parent has the right to decide if they wish their child to sit the tests or not, relatively few schools provide any practice for them. I will work with your child to improve their maths and literacy up to the level required for the tests. I will also teach your child how to tackle the reasoning tests, a subject not covered in primary school. Besides improving their knowledge, I will also work on exam strategies, techniques and timings. 

Our main objective being for your child to become more confident, more competent and ultimately less anxious about the tests.

Improve your child's current subject knowledge in Maths and Literacy.

It is important to be honest and realistic with regard to your child's ability and therefore a Grammar school education is not right for every child. Indeed some children will thrive more by being in the top set of a secondary school, rather than struggling in the bottom set of a grammar school. However, the benefits of tutoring for children not taking the 11+ are equally valid. By reinforcing and progressing your child's current subject knowledge in both maths and literacy,  I will provide your child with the best opportunity to excel in secondary school, helping them to achieve their best and be happy.                               

Our main objective is to ensure that your child has a solid foundation from which to continue their development into secondary education, allowing them to fulfill their potential.

Once the type of tutoring has been determined we can then discuss the best learning environment suitable for your child.

I offer both 1:1 and group tuition, both of which have their own advantages. 1:1 tuition provides individual support tailored exactly to your child's key development needs. Group tuition is limited to a maximum of 4 children per session, maintaining individual focus as well as enabling group discussion and support. 1:1 tuition is £20 for a 1 hour session and group sessions are £15 for the hour.

As a mother and teacher, I recognise that making the right choice for your child is of the utmost importance.

I am therefore more than happy to discuss the various options with you in strictest confidence and without any obligation. My contact details can be found on the Contact page - I look forward to hearing from you.